Shorty Ranger was born Edwin Haberfield in October 1925, and raised on the Nulla Nulla Creek, New South Wales, only three miles from the original Slim Dusty homestead. Shorty and Slim attended the Nulla Nulla School and were friends from the first day - a friendship that has lasted until the present. The boys busked in the streets of MacLean and Coffs Harbour, each taking his turn at passing around the hat. They were engaged to sing at the Mayfair Theatre, Kempsey for two pounds and enthusiastically plied their chosen careers in the early broadcasts of radio station 2KM Kempsey. Their early experiences paved the way for many of Shorty’s songs to be recorded by artists such as Slim Dusty, Buddy Williams, Reg Lindsay, Rick & Thel, The Singing Kettles, Lindsay Butler and many others.

Travis Sinclair was raised in Springhurst on Highway 31 in Victoria. Growing up as a Sinclair meant 22 wheels, country music, and a daily injection of dieseline. His family has been in the transport industry for 72 years so it was natural that he would follow, but his love for country music was strong and the desire to perform grew day by day. In December 2001 Travis released his debut album ‘ Rhythm Of The Highway’ for which he was received the ‘Album of The Year’ and ‘Male Rising Star’ awards at the Australian Independent Country Music Awards at Mildura in 2002. Travis won his first Golden Guitar award for ‘Best New Talent’ in 2003.


Perth native Ralph Ernest (Slim) Newton first came to the notice of Hadley Records in 1969 when he sent a tape of his songs to Yeldah Music, Hadley’s publishing subsidiary. A contract was offered and in 1971 Slim crossed the country with his wife, four children and all of their worldly possessions in a tired old Standard Vanguard drawing a beaten up plywood caravan. Slim’s commitment to his career was swiftly rewarded when his first record, ‘Redback On The Toilet Seat’ became a huge hit, earning him three gold records and a Golden Guitar Award in 1972. ‘Redback’ has since been covered by numerous artists and other Slim Newton songs have been recorded by artists such as Rick and Thel and Geoff Brown.


Neil Murray was born and raised in Lake Bolac in Western Victoria. He is a founding member of the legendary Warumpi Band and since launching his solo career in 1989 has released five albums – ‘Calm and Crystal Clear’, ‘These Hands’, ‘Dust’, ‘The Wondering Kind’ and ‘Going The Distance’. In 1995 Neil's songwriting was acknowledged by his peers with the ‘APRA Song Of The Year Award’ for ‘My Island Home’ - originally written for and recorded by the Warumpi Band and later to become a hit for Christine Anu, whose prodigious singing talent was first nurtured in Neil's backing band, The Rainmakers. The anthemic ‘Blackfella Whitefella’, written by Neil and Warumpi Band front man George Rrurrambu has been covered by Powderfinger and Jimmy Little. Neil has worked for many years amongst Aboriginal people in outback and urban society and regards the Aboriginal cultural heritage as the foundation of Australia's spiritual identity. He is a longstanding supporter of indigenous rights and wrote the Reconciliation theme ‘We'll Build A Nation’ in collaboration with delegates at the 1st National Youth Convention.


Stan Coster spent time in numerous occupations - ringer, fencer, horse-breaker, roo shooter, shed hand - and drew on all of these experiences when writing his many ballads. He moved to Tamworth and then Manilla in the late 1970's, and began his singing career at Joe Maguire's Pub. Slim Dusty recorded seventy one Coster compositions including ‘Three Rivers Hotel’, ‘He’s A Good Bloke When He’s Sober’ and ‘By A Fire Of Gidgee Cole’. Other artists to record Stan’s originals include John Williamson, Lee Kernaghan, Brian Young, Rick and Thel, the Webb Brothers, Buddy Williams, Johnny Chester and Gordon Parsons. Stan Coster released twelve original albums and won three Golden Guitar Awards.

Peter Denahy is a gifted songwriter, musician and comic who has released several albums on the ACMEC label. He plays fiddle, accordion and guitar in Slim Dusty’s Travelling Country Band and often doubles as Slim’s support act. In 2000 he won the Tamworth Songwriter’s Association (TSA) award for ‘Children’s Song Of The Year’ with his song ‘Bruce The Spider’. In 2002 he received two TSA awards – ‘Country Comedy / Novelty Song of the Year’ for ‘The Drop Of Water’ and ‘Children’s Song Of The Year’ with ‘The Dung Beetle’.